Why I Do This


I am not talking about sharing recipes, nor how to read those long, darn labels!

There’s only one way to do this; Start at the beginning.

Even if you think you are on your way to taking control of this new Lifestyle, let me ask you this: Do you spend time in group conversations only to find people writing “comments” about their whole history, every doctor visit, every lab result, and every symptom?

Where is the support and mental strength you’re getting from that?

Do you feel more empowered, leaving those posts with new life-strategies to help you cope as well as the tools to move forward with CONFIDENCE?

I prefer to take the “No BS” approach – straight from the realities of the gluten-filled world, and helping you dealing with them in a positive, strong, successful, and proud inner determination. I will inject your gluten free Lifestyle with the determination that comes with honoring yourself into being the healthiest and happiest person you can be.

You CAN & WILL come out the other side, with my guidance – but only if you have the ability to see outside of yourself; your anger, fears, frustrations, anxieties and symptoms, and be completely open to embracing the complete Lifestyle change.

One cannot master it without facing the reality of it. So – That’s where we begin.

My mini Bootcamp will cover these areas:
  • It’s a game-changer: Mentally and emotionally accepting the reality of this drastic lifestyle change – so that you start with a healthy, optimistic and determined mindset.
  • Real-life solutions for everyday living, so you are always prepared – and always FED. (We’ll address, and practically eliminate the “hangries” – setting you up to easily always have options at hand, with a few simple tools.)
  • How to save money, save time, have delicious meals and snacks with the family, instead of separate cooking – so that you can have a break AND enjoy a meal with everyone!
  • Creating a “buffer” of gf food, so that you are always ready for the unexpected, instead of being put into panic or anxiety mode.

In my 2-hour Bootcamp, I teach you acceptance and real-life strategies, and also arm you with daily tips that will make your confidence soar – so that you can then move on to the bitter details of label-reading, restaurant vetting, dealing with SOCIAL issues, and how to be safe at group meal gatherings. (There are a number of Pros that can help you in those specific areas.)



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