Hello, Gluten Free Friends

Your gluten-free self is here for a reason.

Is it because you experience one or more of these frustrating, anxiety-driven, and otherwise truly saddening realities, changing to a Gluten Free Lifestyle?

  • Looking for something “safe” to eat one or more times a day
  • The inability to attend food gatherings without fear, anxiety, or feeling like a “pain”
  • Spending more time at the grocery store, in order to read labels
  • A moment of clarity when you realize no one is volunteering to accommodate your dietary needs, including family, friends, co-workers, grocery stores, restaurants, fast food joints…
  • Anger or overwhelm about your health condition, and the feeling that you are completely alone in the journey ahead

If so, you will find the Gluten Freedom Formula is a recipe of truth, reality, acceptance and solutions.

Acceptance, of not a “diet”, but a real LIFESTYLE CHANGE; the truth about, and the road it takes to get there.

I am not talking about sharing recipes, nor how to read those long, darn labels!

Click Here to choose your (2) 1-hour Bootcamp Session dates that will change your outlook and your life.

There’s only one way to do this; No BS – straight from the realities of the gluten-filled world, and dealing with them in a positive, strong, successful, satisfied and proud inner determination – enough to honor yourself into being the healthiest and happiest person you can be.

You CAN & WILL come out the other side, with my guidance – but only if you have the ability to see outside of yourself; your anger, fears, frustrations, anxieties, symptoms, and the like!

One cannot master it without facing the reality of it.

And, if you are newly diagnosed (less than a year) or new to a gluten free way of life, you will benefit the most from this Blog.

You will be reading things here that may not resonate with you (like the bold, literal part of my statement above) – and it may even seem harsh at times – but you WILL be provided with REAL life-strategies to take hold of your new life/style and come out stronger in your resolve to “do this thing”, and in doing so, become happier, more self-confident, and best of all, healthier.

I’m not gonna sugar-coat anything, and I will cover more than anyone else has helped you with before, and on a DEEPER LEVEL. I can promise you that…

“Let’s DO This Thing!”

Are you ready to start resolving the overwhelm and replacing it with confidence and new skills? Click Here to choose your 2 Session dates for Gluten Freedom Formula‘s Gluten-Free Bootcamp.

Remember: “No Whining Allowed”

Lynda Hastings, Author of the Upcoming Books: 
20 Essential Ingredients for Navigating the GF Lifestyle 
with Confidence

Taking on the Gluten Free Lifestyle to WIN

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