What is this Food Prepping “ritual”?

Learn to stretch your meals, and create ahead of time - saving you time and money

If you are already cooking a meal, why not stretch it to 2, or even start a second that you can finish up the next day?

I like to call my meal prepping the “Sourdough Method” because it is an ongoing process.

But – it doesn’t have to be ongoing, every time you cook.

The good news is it is not an ongoing process 7 days a week, yet you can eat amazingly good, yet simple food for the most part. No more scrambling around for a meal.

For example, since I started trying new cuisines, I’ve come to like Pad Thai quite a bit. It is also a meal that gives me the opportunity to turn it into two dishes or meals.  After sautéing the cabbage and carrots (using more than the Pad Thai meal needs), I put some aside to make rice-paper veggie or chicken spring rolls to air fry or bake. Also, since I will be shredding carrots, I will shred an extra cup or two (and refrigerate) to use in a split pea soup that can be made in less than an hour.

The only real “prepping” required is in your head. You could even be putting nutritious egg bites in the oven while you are making a stove-top or crock or insta-pot meal.

There are so many ways and recipes to make that you can keep rolling with several breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

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