Diagnosis Gratitude

Celiac diagnosis, NCGS resource, gluten free diet, gluten free lifestyle, gluten free coach, gluten freedom formulaEvery day is a new day, with new opportunities to stay on the path to healing and feeling the absolute best you can feel – with very day you remain gluten free.

The longer you keep on the journey, the easier it gets.

Will there be days you just want to throw caution to the wind, and get something with possible cross-contamination? Of course there will be. That’s when you make that difficult decision to take that chance or not. And possibly it becomes a reminder to keep things handy to grab and go from home, or perhaps your own packaged gluten free snacks such as pretzels, to get you through – temporarily.

Take a moment when that happens, and quietly thank yourself for being persistent in getting a diagnosis, and now for being persistent in taking care of your body. Show your strength in saying no to yourself in questionable surroundings.

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